Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thriftstore finds!!

We were at my local thriftstore, (I call it mine because I like to go there, if I can ones a week, and my love does not! :) ). But this time he was with me and he found these great chairs for in our yard. For a moment it looked like they were sold, but no. they're just perfect for us. I also liked this 'ear'table. So happy.
It was a good day!.

We waren bij de mijn kringloopwinkel ( ik noem het mijn, omdat ik er graag naar toe ga en mijn lief niet! :) ) En ik moet zeggen het is ook de enige waar ik wat koop, het is er goedkoop en lekker rommelig en genoeg te vinden. Maar goed deze keer kwam lief mee, en hij zag deze geweldige rieten stoelen staan, het leek er even op dat ze al verkocht waren, maar gelukkig waren ze voor ons. Ik zag het "oor"tafeltje en moest die mee nemen. Hier maak je me blij mee!

In a next post I will show you the transformation.

In een volgende post zal ik de verandering laten zien.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

What is it?'s a hotel!

Yesterday we had a job to do in Rotterdam, now this city was, as many others in Holland, old with lots and lots of old buildings. But than WW2 came and a lot of the city was gone. Now it has all these amazing new buildings and its a big interesting city these day,s. We were across the street at (yet a new building site) for a new appartement building. Before they sell the appartements they let the potenial buyers see the vieuw from 30m, 60m, 90m, etc. etc. We make the panorama pictures for them to use in their computer program.

Any way, across the street I saw this great house boat, in the center of the city, wich turned out to be a hotel. Isn't it great, it is very modern and the quest can take out this round rubber boat to tour the city, I had never seen it before. I would stay there. (Its a bit stuppid of me, we have this great hi tech camera and I used my little one to make these foto's, so you can't see the little boat very well but it even has a sun umbrella.)

A little bit of summer yet to come??

So, the change in weather came, well its been a weird summer overall. But this last week its been pretty good, Not to Shabby at all ;). This is good for us for the photography work, and it seems like also for the cats and the flowers.

This flower I bought a couple of months ago and the same day the winds started up, so the flowers where gone immidiatly. And now after all this time,... some more purple flowers. It makes me so happy.