Monday, March 31, 2008


Lovely hearts, I put some lavender esence in them, they smell wonderful!

Leuke hartjes, ik heb er wat lavendel olie ingedaan, ze ruiken heerlijk!.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hancrafted and homemade

They started keeping track of the weather early 1900, and it has not been this cold in Holland as this easter. Its snowing, and hailing, and freezing! and sometimes the sun shines bright.
But we where invited all over the place for easter. Saturday my girlfriend invited us for drinks with friends who live in Spain. And so I though some sweets where in order. I made them these Cantucini (Italian) cookies. With a nice box to go with it!

Vanaf begin 1900 houden ze het weer bij, en het is nog nooit zo koud geweest in nederland. Het sneewt, en hagelt, en het vriest! en soms schijnt het zonnetje.
Maar wij hebben veel uitnodigingen voor het weekend. Zaterdag vroeg een vriendin
ons voor een borrel, samen met een vriendin die over was uit spanje voor een week.
Dus ik dacht laat ik wat lekkers mee nemen. Ik heb zelf Cantuccini koekjes gemaakt.
En in een vrolijk gemaakt doosje gestopt!

This thursday my niece wil turn 11 but she had her party yesterday.
And she is very in to experimenting with make-up, as are her friends.
So what to buy for her!?

Aankomende donderdag is mijn nichtje jarig, al weer 11 jaar, maar ze vierde het
gisteren. Ze is nu aan het experimenteren met make-up, net als haar vriendinnetjes.
Wat moet je dan voor ze kopen!?

It's all about glitter these days.

Één en al glitter vandaag de dag.

And I made for her a little princess box!

En ik heb een prinsessen doosje voor haar gemaakt om alles in te stoppen.!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

shabby stuff

FOTO:anita schoot

I found this chair a while ago at the thriftstore for €5,00, it was still in prettie good condition. But..... my man doesn't like it ( can you believe it) so I had to compromise.

Deze stoel heb ik uit de kringloop winkel, voor € 5,00, hij zag er nog best goed uit. Maar...... mijn lief heeft er niets mee. Dus dan maar een hoes erom.

FOTO:anita schoot

FOTO:anita schoot

This coffee table was at the same thriftstore (€ 3,00) so much fun to find this stuff.

Deze salon tafel komt uit de zelfde kringloop, so geweldig om dit te vinden.

FOTO:anita schoot

This one I actually found at a builders site, it was sitting in the sand, you couldn't see the legs. So at first I thought that it probebly had no legs. But sure enough it was perfect, absolutely nothing wrong with it! (besides that it was old looking). It had a green fabric. Sometimes people will throw out anything!.

Deze stoel zag ik uit een bult zand steken, op een bouwplaats. Eerst dacht ik dat de poten er wellicht af waren. Maar niets was minder waar. Niks mis mee, buiten het feit dat het een 'oude stoel'is. Het had groene stoffering. Sommige mensen gooien echt alles weg!.

Monday, March 17, 2008

some more of the home

This is my book collection, I love to read books especialy in english, I also like magazines, of which I also have a big collection.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My home

FOTO:anita schoot

Some more pictures of our home, well the mostly thriftsore finds in our home.
The lace fabric I found there and also the lamp, but I didn't like the fabric that was on the lamp so I changed it with this lace. So much better I think.

Thursday, March 6, 2008



FOTO:anita schoot

Easter Bunny Cozy

So here is my BUNNY, check out Yvonne's blog at yvestown.
And join the
Flickr group
Much fun making these I must say.

FOTO:anita schoot

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

March tools

The march tools my favorite!
Check out Heaters blog at
This tool You could order thru a magazine and make your own
text in it. I use it to mark my books (wich I loan out often).
Or when I make a greeting card, or on the envelope, oh the
possibilities are endless!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Kitchen

FOTO:anita schoot

I painted this kitchen some 3 years ago, it's an Ikea kitchen. I wanted it white, so I also painted the wooden floor white and my man hung op the shelf, which I painted afcorse also white.

Our house is very old (about late 1800) and the road in front of our house use to be the mainroad. Which ment that big trucks would also use it. So it is also crooked. It's a very small house. But we like it. I like old homes, it adds karakter.

This home survived 2 wars and in the second w.w. there was even a little basement were the familie who lived here would hide. Later the part where now the kitchen is was in use as a little shop where they sold bread and butter. And lets not forget that before they made the dike higher, the sea water would come into the houses if there was a fast wind. The man that was born in this house still lives in this town an has many stories to tell.

Monday, March 3, 2008

The heavenly Nest

Today, ones again, or actually still, is the wind blowing so fast there is even some wet snow and hail, all mixed together. So I just keep from looking outside and much rather look at this heavely nest I made last Oktober. My nextdoor neibour cut down some branches from his tree, and I just had to make something out of it.
For the holidays I hung it up but it looks so nice that I leave it for a while.
The painting in the background I made recently, the text on it is from "The goo goo dolls" IRIS From the movie "City of Angels". How romantic can it get.
An angel (with eaternal life) who wants to be a "normal man" so he can touch and hold his great love. awh so lovely.

FOTO:anita schoot

FOTO:anita schoot

Saturday, March 1, 2008

The note book

On these day's when it's still cold out and you just want to be inside, the sun sets early and you're just fiddling around the house, what are you going to do?.
Well I start reorganizing, and here I found a collection of my journals/noteboeks. I have a lot more and use them for all sorts of things. drawing, writing, etc.
The big leather one on the bottum I bought in Siena Italy, its all blank inside and when I write and draw in it, I feel a bit like Leonardo (da vinci, afcorse). Its so beautiful, that I wish I got some more.

FOTO:anita schoot

Right now there is a storm outside and we can hardly look through the window's because the salt from the sea sticks on it.
Till next time.