Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Kitchen

FOTO:anita schoot

I painted this kitchen some 3 years ago, it's an Ikea kitchen. I wanted it white, so I also painted the wooden floor white and my man hung op the shelf, which I painted afcorse also white.

Our house is very old (about late 1800) and the road in front of our house use to be the mainroad. Which ment that big trucks would also use it. So it is also crooked. It's a very small house. But we like it. I like old homes, it adds karakter.

This home survived 2 wars and in the second w.w. there was even a little basement were the familie who lived here would hide. Later the part where now the kitchen is was in use as a little shop where they sold bread and butter. And lets not forget that before they made the dike higher, the sea water would come into the houses if there was a fast wind. The man that was born in this house still lives in this town an has many stories to tell.

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Mys liv och hem said...

How interesting to live in a house with that history.Old houses have more "soul".Have a good day