Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The colour RED with Sadie Olive

Here is the red colour of my life, this picture was made last queensday in a typical tourist store. A bit of RED white and blue, (our flag colours but also the American flag afcourse).

This scarf i bought resently my favorite colour pink with a bit of red!, the rose you can put her in your hair and pin it on a shirt or dress, so much fun!!.

I never knew i had lots of nailpolish in the colour red, but al diverent shades!.

I am 1.82 meter ( 6.1 in feet) but nobody keeps me from wearing high hiels. thank the gods my love is also tall!!!

Well and than afcourse you got to have the red lips, on occasion!!.

1 comment:

Rosezilla said...

Wow, I love the shoes! And I don't even like to wear shoes...Isn't this Red game fun?