Thursday, February 28, 2008

A mix of stuff

FOTO: anita schoot

This is a mix of all, the juwelery is from my mother and grandmother, my grandmother passed away several years ago and my mom is now contemplating who to give it to, there are three daughters to consider. The suede purse I found last year on queens day, it's the only time that everybody in Holland is allowed to sell "what ever" on the street(and don't pay taxes), most stuff is very cheap so nobody is going to get rich or anything. But the 30 th of april is one big party with music in every big city and it must be said ( I don't want to jinxs this!!) that it is usualy very nice warm wheater. This year I wil try to find some stuff and show it to you.

The force of passion
determinates the limitation
of our free wil

Eugéne Bosschaerts

FOTO: anita

The picture frame (my sister and me) is very old, I remember it being on the
dashboard of my parents car, and every summer when we went on our three week vacation to France it would sit there getting yellow by sunrays. And now it's a wonderfull remembrance. Because believe me! those where nice vacations,
sweet infatuations with the France boys, trying to talk each others language,
and I only wish now that I would have kept going with my parents on those summer vacations to France, and not go my own way when I was eighteen.
But back then you wanted to grow up and go away with your friends,
and eighteen was pretty old to still go with your parents. O well.
I still have all of those pictures. ( And six months later I went on my own
to California to live.After I had stayed in Italy for a while. So adventure enough).

And now the sun is out so I will go and take a walk with Nikki.
Have a nice day everybody!

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